Good artists copy; great artists steal.

-Steve Jobs, originally attributed to Pablo Picasso

Most of my posts go something like this:

  1. Mark shares a random weird story or set of observations.
  2. Mark shares some research on how to be happier.
  3. Mark offers a clever closing thought.
  4. You wonder why you keep reading this blog.

This one is different, and I’m not even including it as one of my 99 posts, since I just want you to enjoy it, and I’m not even bothering to share any weird observations. I came across this and I offer it to you in the hope that you will find two things in it. First, I hope you appreciate the extraordinary beauty of this man’s seemingly effortless art. I could sit at my kitchen table every Sunday for a year and not come up with this kind of stuff. Despite being in the ‘wrong’ industry, he seems to have found his calling, and if I ever write a textbook I want Christoph Niemann to draw the pictures. Best. Textbook. Ever.

Second, I hope you will ponder, as I have, his thoughts on vocation and finances and the key role of ‘luck’ in life. He seems to cover so many bases here that intersect with this blog, ideas that push pretty hard on having the right ‘perspective’ on life. So it may be stealing, but I think of it more as sharing.

I hope your weekend is restful and relaxing. Back to the usual tomorrow. You can soak up Niemann’s work here.

And here is one of the ways Steve Jobs borrowed from Pablo Picasso:

Picasso-inspired Mac logo